Photo by Susan Ahlstrom



“It was a good session last night at The SHARE support group and I hope that we continue to meet regularly again. I always come away feeling good.” ~TP Administrative Assistant


“Thank you for welcoming me into the group. You are a lovely, gracious and open hostess. I can see why people would come from all around to be with you. I was certainly glad I went. It was such a pleasure being around women with similar explorations and questions. Such a place of safety and comfort is rare to find.
Thank you, again.” ~LT


“I am so very grateful for the SHARE group. JoAnn and Sue set a tone of strength and purpose that keeps us moving forward. The energy of the group is positive and uplifting. We may be at different points in our journey, but the collective wisdom of the group guides and supports us. The professional speakers provide invaluable advice. I recommend SHARE to anyone who finds themselves anywhere in the spectrum of marital problems. I have tried other divorce support groups, and they are helpful, but none come close to the positive support, guidance and energy of SHARE.” ~BK


“The SHARE support group has been a wonderful resource for me, both in terms of practical information (legal, financial) as well as emotional support. Each person in the group has been able to help others by sharing their experiences in a warm, caring environment. Even though we are in different stages of the divorce process, the sense of shared experience is palpable.” ~SA


“Thank you for a great way to bring people together. I find this SHARE group very informative, supportive and a safe place to be. Thank you for the opportunity to let our guards down and heal from within.” ~CR


“This support group is truly amazing. It was a wonderful opportunity to gather useful and practical information, source providers and get ideas. It was also wonderful to be with other women who are having the same experiences, emotions, challenges, etc. There was a strong sense of empathy, and everyone was cheering each other on. I will stay with this group for a long time.” ~MD


“I really appreciated your presentation at the S.H.A.R.E. Divorce Group meeting on Wednesday night, Feb 19th. I am thankful for the time and effort you devoted to educating us about our finances as we go through the divorce process. It was great being able to have some questions answered, and also get tips on financial security to focus on going forward. I personally learned a lot, and wanted to extend my gratitude for the time you spent with us. The brochure and accompanying materials were also incredibly informative, and much appreciated as well.” ~JW